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Georg Sturm / Zinngießerei –Glaserei Sturm GmbH

Graben 1/0,(37) Hohenzollernring 62, Bayreuth. Bavaria.
Zinngießerei und Glaserei. / Pewterer and Glazier.
Founded as the Zinngiesserei Georg Hahn in 1878 and taken over by George Sturm in 1904 and renamed Zinngießerei –Glaserei Sturm GmbH.
From 1948 to 1985 the company was run by Karl Fischer as Managing Director. In 1985, this responsibility was taken over by the brothers George and Carolus Fischer. They are still in business today. 
Purchased stein bodies from: Marzi & Remy, Porzellanfabrik Siegmund Paul Meyer

Reference: Zinnladen  
Bayreuther Adressbücher

Georg Sturm 7
"Bayreuth Eichala" refers to the design of pewter stein, with an acorn finial, unique to Bayreuth, made in various sizes.

Georg Sturm 3
Mark shown on base of pewter stein.

Georg Sturm 6
"Bayreuth Eichala" made by Georg Sturm, shown on featured stein.

Georg Sturm 4
"Bayreuth Eichala" made by Georg Sturm.

Georg Sturm / Zinngießerei –Glaserei Sturm GmbH 15-4-14-1
Touchmark on the underside of a pewter lid,
mounted on a modern Westerwald stein.

Georg Sturm / Zinngießerei –Glaserei Sturm GmbH 14-7-15-2
Marzi & Remy #2752, dated 1935

Georg Sturm / Zinngießerei –Glaserei Sturm GmbH 14-7-15-1
Lid on featured Marzi & Remy stein above. "Minenwerfer (mortar thrower) infantry regt. 42, Bayreuth. Christmas 1935"

Georg Sturm 1
Mark shown on lid of Marzi & Remy stein.

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