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Fritz Staudt

Sandstraße 4 Nuremberg, Bavaria

Manufaktur- und Spielwaren-handlung / Toy manufacturer and distributor

A Deutsches Reich Gebrauchsmuster or D.R.G.M. 1023 was granted on the 9th November 1891. 

The D.R.G.M referred to a "Bierglas mit Merktafel' which I translate as a "Beer glass with notice board? I have no idea what this is; 

perhaps a washable matt finish that can be written on for scoring in a game, or for writing one's name for identification at the bar? 

Staudt was resident at Sandstraße 4 Nuremberg, just outside the old city walls, near the Spittlertorturm in 1891.

Known dates: 1886 - 1891

Purchased steins from:



Published in "Vierte Beilage zum Deutschen Reichs-Anzeiger und Königlich Preussischen Staats-Anzeiger" Nr. 282 Berlin, Monday, 30th November 1891 / "Central-Handels-Register für das Deutsche Reich (Nr.282A)", / "Gebrauchsmuster". 

Fritz Staudt 1
"D.R.G.M. 64. 1023 Bierglas mit Merktafel
F. Staudt in Nürnberg 9th November 1891. St.37".

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