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Johann Hiedl & Sohn
Straubing, then Theresienstraße 44, Hessstra
ße 72, Turkenstraße 32, Munich. Bavaria.
Zinngießerei. / Pewterer.
Known dates: 1906 - 1926
Purchased stein bodies from: Marzi & Remy
Reference:  Uni-Heidelberg

Johann Hiedl & Sohn 15-11-8-4
Stein of unknown manufacture, with graphic design by Carl Moos, with "Grotte München"
possibly a Munich Bierkeller and a pewter lid in the shape of a Salamander
johann Hiedl & Sohn 15-11-8-3
Top view of Salamander lid.

johann Hiedl & Sohn 15-11-8-2
Another view of Salamander lid.

Johann Hiedl & Sohn 15-11-8-1
Cast pewterer's mark on the underside of the Salamander lid.

Joh.Hiedl & Sohn 4
Ink stamp, showing that Johann Hiedl had sole manufacturing rights

Joh.Hiedl & Sohn 7
Cast pewterer's mark. Sans-serif script.

Joh.Hiedl & Sohn 5

Cast pewterer's mark. Serif script.

Joh.Hiedl & Sohn 6
Cast pewterers's mark. Serif script

Joh.Hiedl & Sohn 2
Punched pewterer's mark. N.B. From Straubing, presumably prior to moving to Munich.

Johann Hiedl & Sohn 11-12-16-1
Sticky label. N.B. From Straubing, presumably prior to moving to Munich.

Joh.Hiedl & Sohn 11-8-11-1
The Royal Bavarian Infantry Life Guard Regiment in their blue uniforms prior to WW I. The Pickelhaube became universal in the Bavarian army after 1886. 

Joh.Hiedl & Sohn 11-8-11-3
Top side of lid on featured stein. Thumbpull featuring Bavarian shield.

Joh.Hiedl & Sohn 11-8-11-2
Ink stamp on featured stein, showing that Johann Hiedl had sole manufacturing rights of this design. Also the impressed Marzi & Remy stamp is shown.

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