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Gustav Kahle & Roman Kahle
Glöcklerstraße 16, Ulm an der Donau, Württemberg.
Zinngießerei und Glas- & Porzellanmalerei. / Pewterer and glass & porcelain decorator.
Known dates: <1906 - Not listed in 1939.
Gustav Kahle died in 1906 and was succeeded by his son, Roman.
Purchased stein bodies from: ?

Gustav Kahle & Roman Kahle 14-3-4-2
"Brauerei zu den. Drei Kannen" brewery stein.

Gustav Kahle & Roman Kahle 14-3-4-1

Pewterer's touch mark on the "Brauerei zu den Drei Kannen" stein above.

Gustav Kahle & Roman Kahle 20-5-21-1

Pewterer's touch mark on another "Brauerei zu den Drei Kannen" stein.

Gustav Kahle & Roman Kahle 14-3-4-4
Hofbrauhaus and Brauerei zu den Drei Kannen of Ulm, founded 1831/32. The "Biergarten"shown above was created in 1912. The owner, circa 1927, was Karl Eiselen. This brewery under different ownership is still in business today.

Roman Kahle & Gustav Kahle 05
7th Company Grenadier Regimentt. "König Karl" 5 Württemburg No. 123, garrisoned in Ulm 1912 -1914. Marked Roman Kahle.

Roman Kahle & Gustav Kahle 3

Roman Kahle & Gustav Kahle 2

R.Kahle 4
10. Comp. Inft. Rgt. Kaiser Wilh. König v. Preußen 2. Württ. No. 120. Ulm 1909 - 1911.

Gustav Kahle & Roman Kahle 13-1-15-3
Reservist Stein: "Zur Erinnerung an das Unteroffizier Korps der 1./ Aufklarungs Abteilung 5 Kornwestheim", dated circa 1930's

Gustav Kahle & Roman Kahle 13-1-15-2
Lid of the above stein showing the Stahlhelm or steel helmet.

Gustav Kahle & Roman Kahle 13-1-15-1
Ink stamp of decorator of above stein

Gustav Kahle & Roman Kahle 19-4-23-2
Brewery stein lid
Gustav Kahle & Roman Kahle 19-4-23-1
R. Kahle-R. Rang, Ulm (Partner?)

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