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Jakob Maier (Maier & Schick)
Dachauerstraße 105, 107 & 147, Munich. Bavaria.
Zinngießerei und Glas & Porzellan Malerei. / Pewterer and Glass & Porcelain Decorators.
Known dates: 1900 - 1914.
Kaspar Reischenböck was also at 147 Dachauerstraße but it is unknown if he was there at the same time.
Jakob Maier was awarded D.R.G.M.316628, on the 16th August 1907, at 147 Dachauerstraße,  which allowed for the lid top to be unscrewed from the bottom section, to save damage to the top figures, during use. Jakob Maier was also at one time a partner with Joseph Schick
Purchased stein bodies from: Eckhardt & Engler, Gebrüder Bergmann, Marzi & Remy
Reference: Reservistenkrugsammler

Jakob. Maier 6
Königliche Bayern. 7th Infantry Regiment, 
"Prinz Leopold" 10th Company, 
garrisoned at Bayreuth between 1904-1906.

Jakob Maier 007
Königliche Bayern. 7th Infantry Regiment,
"Prinz Leopold" 10th Company,
garrisoned at Bayreuth between 1904-1906.

Jakob Maier 21-1-20-2
This incomplete photograph shows a representation of the Holy Roman Emperor's crown, as a pewter screw-on component on this stein lid assembly.

Jakob Maier 21-1-20-1
Cast J.M. & D.R.G.M 316628 in underside of pewter lid of the  Reservist stein, above, dated 1907 - 1909.

Fünfte Beilage zum Deutschen Reichsanzeiger und Königlich Preussischen Staatsanzeiger.

Nr. 227. Berlin, Montag, den 23. September 1907.

Zentral-Handelsregister für das Deutsche Reich. 
(Nr. 227 B.) 

64a. 316 628. Krugdeckel mit beweglicher Figur. 

Jakob Maier, München, Dachauerstr. 147.

16.  08. 07.     M 24 863

64a. 316 628. Pewter lid with removable figure.

Jakob Maier, Munich, Dachauerstraße 147.

16.  08. 07.     M 24 863

Jakob Maier 18-1-11-1

Jakob Maier (Maier & Schick)12-9-29-1
Marzi & Remy 1/2 litre stein, commemorating the "Pionier und Verkehrstruppen Verein e. V. München".
The lid is engraved "Z 40. Hochzeit Jubiläum.

Jakob Maier 008
Kgl. Bayr. Eisenbahn-Bataillon 3. Komp. München 1912-14

Jakob. Maier 4
Königliche Bayern. 1st Infantry Regiment, garrisoned in Munich between 1909-1911.

Zak. & J. Maier

Zak. & J. Maier 3
Handwritten signature 

Zak. & J. Maier 1
Ink stamp on porcelain.

Jakob Maier (Maier & Schick) 18-3-1-3

Circa 1890. Tableau depicts a tobacco smoking club. Smoking clubs were Bavarian pub societies with specific rules and rituals. This club was called "Seine Aromen" or "Our Aromas".

Jakob Maier (Maier & Schick) 18-3-1-2
Cast pewter lid, on the above stein,
showing the twin "onion topped" towers of the
Frauenkirche Cathedral of Munich

Jakob Maier (Maier & Schick) 18-3-1-1
Jakob Maier signature on the above stein,
together with Marzi & Remy 1/2L. capacity mark.

Jakob Maier 09
Marzi & Remy stein. Konigliche Bayern. 16th Infantry Regiment "Großherzog Ferdinand von Toskana" 7th Company, 1906-1908 Passau.

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