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Eduard Rau (Inhaber Karl Rau)

Kaufingergaße / Kaufingerstraße 9, - Schüsselbazar / Passage Schüssel, Munich. Bavaria.

Schüssel's Küchen- & Wirthschaft-Einrichtungs-Magazin / Schüssel's Kitchen / Restaurant and Furniture store.

Eduard Rau (b.16 March 1842) was married to Amélie Schüssel, the daughter of Karl Schüssel. By 1874 Karl Schüssel had had built a number of shops in what became Passage Schüssel. Eduard Rau was appointed the agent for Theresienthaller Cristallglasfabrik on the 1 September 1879 and created an outlet or Niederlage from which all Theresiental glassware was on permanent exhibition and was distributed. He had the pewterer Brüder Thannhauser as a next door neighbour, from whom he purchased Merkelbach & Wick and Marzi & Remy stein bodies with the pewter already installed. He won his title of Hoflieferant to the Bavarian court on the 1st March 1893. Eventually the company passed to his son Karl Rau, but maintained the name of Eduard Rau.  

Reference:  Eduard Rau Theresienthaler Cristallglasfabrik-Niederlage   Uni-Muenchen  Adressbuch München 1874

Eduard Rau (Inhaber Karl Rau) 15-5-14-2
Theresienthaler Cristallglasfabrik

Eduard Rau 1
Official 1906 Munich Beer Festival Stein. 
Joint supplier with 
Otto Aigner (Reichenbachstraße 37, 38
Brüder Thannhauser. (Kaufingerstraße 16 & 7)

Eduard Rau 12-9-13-1
Ed. Rau inkstamp in conjuction with 
impressed Merkelbach & Wick.

Eduard Rau 3
Signature E. Rau, Schüsselbazar, München 
on a Marzi & Remy #992.

Eduard Rau (Inhaber Karl Rau) 15-5-28-1

Theresienthaler Cristallglasfabrik Advert

Eduard Rau (Inhaber Karl Rau) 15-5-28-4
Eduard Rau: Passage Schüssel - Kaufingerstraße 9.
Kitchen equipment. Kitchen furniture.
Tableware. Full facilities.
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Eduard Rau 11-7-12-1
Marzi & Remy #992

Eduard Rau 11-7-12-2
Ink stamp on base of featured Marzi & Remy #992

eduard Rau (Inhaber Karl Rau) 15-8-9-2
1/2 litre Merkelbach & Wick. 
"Dein Wohl" Your Health

Eduard Rau (Inhaber Karl Rau) 15-8-9-1
Impressed Merkelbach & Wick mark with Rau, Schüsselbazar on above "Dein Wohl" Your Health 

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