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Wilhelm Stecher
5-7 Blasiusgasse, Würzburg. Bavaria.
Zinngießerei. / Pewterer
Wilhelm Stecher was a qualified Zinngie
ßermeister who was trading between 1908 to 1945.
Wilhelm Stecher purchased 
Zinngußwarenfabrik Franz Ruckert, one of the Ruckert group of companies in 1908.
Purchase stein bodies from: Sachsenglas?
Wieland Schätzlein, grandson of Wilhelm Stecher & Dan Laredo

Wilhelm Stecher 17-4-10-3
5-7 Blasiusgasse, Würzburg, circa 1930. 
The building was destroyed in an air raid in
Spring 1945. That address 
on the street plan
however, remains in an identical position today.

Wilhelm Stecher 17-4-10-1
Wilhelm Stecher, with his grandson, Wieland Schätzlein, dated 1940, in front of the pewter foundry, in the picture shown at top.
Wilhelm Stecher 17-4-4-2
Lid on stein, bottom centre, dedicated to 
Café Sauter, Houston, made and imported
to the USA between 1911 - 1914.

Wilhelm Stecher 17-4-4-3
Cast mark on the underside of the lid on stein, right, dedicated to Café Sauter, Houston,  made and imported to the USA between 1911 - 1914.
"W. Stecher, früher (formerly) Ruckert"
This would indicate that W. Stecher purchased Zinngußwarenfabrik Franz Ruckert from the Ruckert group of companies in 1908. Obviously Stecher supplied pewter to the Ruckert company after this date, and possibly before this date as a subcontractor.

Wilhelm Stecher 20-12-31-1
1 Litre Official Festival Stein.
14th Bavarian Gymnastics Festival,
held in Würzburg, on the 20th - 23rd July 1912.
Manufacturer: Marzi & Remy.

Wilhelm Stecher 20-12-31-3
Tableau on the top of pewter lid on the above stein: The Old Würzburg Bridge over the River Main in the foreground and the Fortress Marienberg above.

Wilhelm Stecher 20-12-31-2
Ink stamp mark on the Würzburg stein above.

Wilhelm Stecher 17-4-4-1
Pressed glass stein probably made by Sachsenglas, complete with lid dedicated to Café Sauter, Houston, 
made and imported to the USA between 1911 - 1914.

Wilhelm Stecher 17-4-10-2
Wilhelm Stecher, Zinngießermeister, portrait 1941.

Wilhelm Stecher 15-1-23-1
Wilhelm Stecher in his workshop.
This is an newspaper article from the Würzburger Generalanzeiger, dated 1938, stating that Wilhelm Stecher is now the sole Zinngie
ßermeister in Würzburg.

Wilhelm Stecher 15-1-25-3
Pewter lid on Sachsenglas? stein 
dedicated to one A. Schmitt.

Wilhelm Stecher 15-1-25-2
Pewterer's touch mark on the tang of the above lid.

Wilhelm Stecher 15-1-25-1
 The Sachsenglas? stein above was moulded 
with the pewterer's name on the base.

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