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P. Wittorf (& Sohn) Otto Wittorf

Fuhlentwiete 60, Hamburg, (Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg / Free & Hanseatic City of Hamburg)

Zinngießerei / Pewterer

Established In 1843, P. Wittorf was first listed at Fuhlentwiete 60 in 1845. In May 1852 he moved to Amelungstrase 11 and again in 1865 to  Amelungstrase 15, where he retired in 1875. In 1876 Otto Wittorf reopened the business as P. Wittorf, a Pewterer and Stein warehouse at Fuhlentwiete 96.

Examples of his work have been seen, dated as late as 1901. 

It is believed that A. Wittorf succeeded him in the early 1900's.

Fuhlentwiete 60 was a cigarette factory in the mid 1930's owned by a Max Lewin.

Purchased stein bodies from: Villeroy & Boch - Mettlach  Merkelbach & Wick
 Hamburger Adressbücher

P. Wittorf / A. Wittorf 11-2
Lid of featured "Ram Thumbpull " stein, 
dated Christmas 1879 "4F".

P. Wittorf / A. Wittorf 11-4
Pewterer's mark on the underside
of featured lid on "Ram Thumbpull" stein.

P. Wittorf / A. Wittorf 18-1-29-6
P. Wittorf on lid rim.

P.Wittorf, A.Wittorf & Otto Wittorf 1
Rare example of the touchmark of A. Wittorf. Hamburg.

P. Wittorf / A. Wittorf 18-1-29-5

P. Wittorf Hamburg. 
90/10 is a high grade Tin/Lead alloy specially designed for making masters. Exceptional flow and high definition are the main properties

P. Wittorf / A. Wittorf 11-1
Glass stein with lid with Ram Thumbpull,
dated Christmas 1879.

P. Wittorf / A. Wittorf 18-1-29-8
Magnification of featured lid, 
showing the ram knocking over a beer glass.

P. Wittorf / A. Wittorf 18-1-29-7
"Göttingen Rathskeller" lid, fitted to a 0.5L. Villeroy & Boch - Mettlach #1526, is dated Christmas 1892.

P. Wittorf / A. Wittorf 12-4-7-1
The pewterer's touchmark on the underside of the 
featured lid above, is dated Christmas 1892.

P. Wittorf / A. Wittorf 18-1-29-4
Villeroy & Boch - Mettlach #2373, dated 1901,
lidded by P. Wittorf

P. Wittorf / A. Wittorf 18-1-29-3
More detail on the lid of Villeroy & Boch - Mettlach #2373,

P. Wittorf / A. Wittorf 18-1-29-2
Pewterer's mark on the underside of the lid of Villeroy & Boch - Mettlach #2373,

P. Wittorf / A. Wittorf 18-1-29-1
The Villeroy & Boch - Mettlach #2373, at the top, has a normal V&B-M handle. however versions of this stein were issued with the alligator handle as shown immediately above. This example is dated 1899.

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