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Brunner & Ploetz
Herrnstraße 20, Neuthurmstraße 2 (now Neuturmstraße), Hochbrückenstr. 16, Munich. Bavaria. 
Malerei und Fotokeramik. / Painted and Photo Ceramics. 
Known dates: 1890 - c.1997. 
Was based in 
Neuthurmstraße 2 in 1900 and  also around the corner in Herrnstraße 20, in 1902. Finished up at Hochbrückenstraße 16. 
Purchased steins from: Merkelbach & Wick.
Reference: Digital Bibliothek

Brunner & Ploetz 14-2-4-3
Occupational stein for a sawyer, basemark..
Dated post 1902.

Brunner & Ploetz 2
Ink stamp on "Occupational" stein.

Brunner & Ploetz 1
Manufactured by Merkelbach & Wick

Brunner & Ploetz 20-2-15-1
Occupational stein for a sawyer (timber worker).

"Hoch lebe das edle Handwerk der Säger
Eher soll die Welt verderben,
als vor Durst ein Säger sterben"

"The noble craft of the sawyers live high"
Rather the world to ruin, as a cutter die of thirst"

Brunner & Ploetz 14-2-4-2
Occupational stein for a sawyer (side view) 

Brunner & Ploetz 20-2-15-2
Brunner & Ploetz, München, Hernstraße No.20,
covering the period 1900 - 1902.

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