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Friedrich Grünewald / Ottmar Grünewald (Witwe) (Inhaber Hermann Grünewald)
Maximilianstraße 2, Marktstraße 3/0 & 1 & 11, Bayreuth. Bavaria.
Zinngießermeister / Master Pewterer
The business was founded in Maximilianstraße 2, sometime before 1843, by Friedrich Grünewald.  He was still running the company from same address in 1882. By 1888 his son, Ottmar had taken over and by the following year moved the business to Marktstraße 3. By 1924 Ottmar had died and his widow, Jette, was running the company. Their son Hermann had taken over the business by 1930, but remained in Marktstraße 3/0 & adding further premises at No.11.
His mother Jette lived upstairs in 
Marktstraße 3/1.
This arrangement continued through to 1937, after which no records are available.
Purchased stein bodies from: Ernst Dorfner
Bayreuther Adressbücher

O. Grünewald 3
E.D.& C. for Ernst Dorfner
on base of featured stein, (centre). 

O. Grünewald 4
 Hirschau, the town of residence of Ernst Dorfner,
impressed on the base of the featured stein (centre).

O. Grünewald 2
Pewterer's touchmark on the underside of
the lid on the featured stein, (centre).
Dated between 1894 and 1913.

O. Grünewald 1
Stein supplied by Ernst Dorfner.

Friedrich Grünewald 17-6-30-2
Pressed glass stein with pewter lid,
dated 1888 - 1900.

Friedrich Grünewald 17-6-30-1
Pewterer's touch mark, together with the
angel purity mark on the underside
of the lid on the above glass stein.

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