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August Hubert Canis / D. Canis 

Äußeren Laufer Platz 14, Nuremberg. Bavaria. 

Zinngießermeister. / Master Pewterer.

August Hubert Canis founded his pewter shop at  Äußeren Läufer Platz 14 in 1878. He relocated in 1881 to the centre of town, in the Untere Wörthstraße, overlooking the River Pegnitz. Then in 1890 the business was moved to the industrial area of Richard Wagner Straße. Finally the business was situated between 1906 & 1939, back in the old town in the Äußeren Läufer Gasse 16.

Purchased stein bodies from : Sachsenglas  Merkelbach & Wick, Steinzeug-Industrie


D. Canis / A.H. Canis 18-2-14-4
"Brauhaus Nürnberg", Image representing one of the Nuremberg garrisoned towers in the city wall.

D. Canis / A.H. Canis 18-2-14-3

"Brauhaus Nürnberg", Image representing one of the Nuremberg garrisoned towers in the city wall.

D. Canis / A.H. Canis 18-2-14-2

Pewterer's mark "D. Canis" on the underside 

of the lid of the "Brauhaus Nürnberg" stein.

D. Canis / A.H. Canis 18-2-14-1
Pewter lid with an etching of Gambrinus
leaning on a beer barrel, and saying:

Genieß' im edlen Gerstensaft,
des Weines Geist, des Brodes Kraft.
"Enjoy in the noble barley juice (beer)
the spirit of wine and the strength of bread".

A.H.Canis 3
Touchmark of A.H. Canis on featured lid above.

August Hubert Canis / D. Canis 20-12-19-1
Here is a slightly more defined example of
"D. Canis" to that shown on the left. However it is completely unbalanced because of a cost saving ploy,
with the replacement of just the initials
"A.H." with "D." which demonstrates that
A.H.Canis was the company founder.

D. Canis / A.H. Canis 11-4-12-1
Sachsenglas stein with crown logo on base,
therefore dated 1897 onward. 

D. Canis / A.H. Canis 11-4-12-3
Lid by D. Canis on Sachsenglas stein.

D. Canis / A.H. Canis 11-4-12-2
Pewterer's mark "D. Canis" on the underside of the lid of the Sachsenglas stein. Note the unbalance with the initials "A.H."removed and the "D." added.

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