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Ludwig Habich

Munich, Bavaria ● Hügelstraße 61, Darmstadt, Hesse ● Stuttgart, Württemberg

Entwerfer & Modelleur / Design & Modeller
He was born in Darmstadt in 1872. He joined Scharvogel Kunsttöpferei München in 1898 and left to join the Darmstadt Kunstlerkolonie in 1899. In 1906 J.J. Scharvogel took up his position there at the same time as Habich left to take up a professorship at Stuttgart Art Academy. He died Jugenheim, Hesse in 1949.
Reference: Wikipedia  Walt Vogdes  Darmstädter Adressbücher

Ludwig Habich 2
Pewter detail on featured stein. 
Triton appears to be rising through waves of beer.

Ludwig Habich 1

This is known as the "Triton” stein, dated 1899, 
the base of which has the Scharvogel SKM mark.

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