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Oswald Lorenz / Fabrik Dresdner Bierseidel Lorenz & Co. (vorm. Oswald Lorenz)
kleine Plauenschegasse 48, Pirnaischestraße 50, kleine Plauenschestraße 30, Herbertstraße 7, Löbtauerstraße Dresden, Saxony.
Bierseidel und Krüge Einzelhandel. / Beer steins and jugs retailer

In 1872 and 1873 there was a Gustav Albin Oswald Lorenz mentioned in the Dresden address books as a private individual. Between 1874 until 1878, he worked as a book keeper. In 1880 he founded the commissions business "Oswald Lorenz" at kleine Plauenschegasse 48 (This area is now totally redeveloped).  In 1883 he added a porcelain decorating shop. By the 4th March 1888 he had moved to Pirnaischestraße 50. In the same year he discontinued the commissions business, but continuing the porcelain decorating, he founded the "Fabrik Dresdner Bierseidel". On February 17, 1889 the advert states "Lorenz & Co." (vorm. Osw. Lorenz), so just before this Oswald Lorenz had died. The company then became "Lorenz & Co." because his widow Marg. (Margarethe?) née Langer, took on a partner Paul A. Teetzmann as co-proprietor. The company moved to kleine Plauenschestraße 30, at the same time. By 1894, Paul A. Teetzmann was sole proprietor of "Fabrik Dresdner Bierseidel Lorenz & Co.". Marg. had either sold the company and left Dresden or she had died, because she was not further mentioned in the Dresden Address book(s). Paul A. Teetzmann ran the company until 1926/1927. In 1927/1928 the company belonged to his heirs. From 1929 the company was run by B.J. Gliebine and Elisabeth, Teetzmann's widow. Their last entries for the address book, and the register of trade were in 1938 .

The Lorenz & Co. entry in the "Katalog der Keramischen Ausstellung" of 1891, published by the "Gewerbe-Verein zu Dresden" states the following:

"Dresdner Bierseidel und Krüge mit abnehmbarem Deckel......"  

"Dresden beer steins and jugs with removable lid......"
 " Den Deckel kann Jedes durch Lösung einer Schraube abnehmen und auf ein Ersatzseidel befestigen"  
"Anybody may remove the lid by undoing a screw and fix on an alternative lid".
This related to glass steins as well as the featured Merkelbach & Wick steins, which were probably special items supplied only to Lorenz & Co. 
The glass steins, employing the same method of hinge fitment, came from other suppliers, presumably Sachsenglass.
Reference: Slub-Dresden Page 30,  Dresden Adressbuch  Saxony Address books
Fabrik Dresdner Bierseidel Lorenz & Co. 16-10-22-3
Merkelback & Wick 755B, custom made for 
Fabrik Dresdner Bierseidel Lorenz & Co.
with domed pewter lid, dated circa 1890.

Fabrik Dresdner Bierseidel Lorenz & Co. 16-10-22-2
Detail shown on stein above, showing Merkelbach & Wick capacity mark 1/2 litre, plus unique lid mounting on handle specifically made for Fabrik Dresdner Bierseidel Lorenz & Co. 

Fabrik Dresdner Bierseidel Lorenz & Co. 16-10-22-1
Detail shown on stein above, showing Merkelbach & Wick mould number 755 & B, specifically made for Dresdner Bierseidel Lorenz & Co. who's name is moulded on the base rim.

Fabrik Dresdner Bierseidel Lorenz & Co. (vorm. Oswald Lorenz) 16-12-21-1

Beiblatt der Fliegenden Blätter, Nr. 2191, Zweites Blatt, LXXXVII. Band (87th Volume) 

München, den 24. Juli 1887

Dresden Beer Stein (legally protected) with glass hinge and removable lid, guaranteed lead free, of 

the finest nickel-silver, as the simplest, cleanest and most practical stein in the Association of Dresden Restaurants available in 0.4 and 0.5 L. sizes,
price per dozen 
with hinged lids...........15 Marks

The same glasses as replacements: 
without hinged lids per dozen................. 6 Marks

with hinged lids per dozen.....................14 Marks

0.3 L. sizes as replacements
without hinged lids per dozen..............5.50 Marks

monograms or names per dozen..............2 Marks

The hinged lid anyone can remove and fasten to another glass (body).  To obtain, use appointed 
glass merchants 
and in Dresden use the
Manufacture Dresden Beer Steins.

     Oswald Lorenz,  Dresden,
kl.(eine) Plauenschegasse Nr. 48.

     Representatives wanted

Fabrik Dresdner Bierseidel Lorenz & Co. (vorm. Oswald Lorenz)16-12-22-1

Beiblatt der Fliegenden Blätter, Nr 2196, Zweites Blatt, LXXXVII. Band (87th volume);

München, den 28. August 1887

Fabrik Dresdner Bierseidel Lorenz & Co. (vorm. Oswald Lorenz)16-12-22-2

Beiblatt der Fliegenden Blätter, Nr. 2223, Zweites Blatt, LXXXVIII. Band (88th volume)

München, den 4. März 1888

Pirnaischestraße 50, Dresden

Fabrik Dresdner Bierseidel Lorenz & Co. (vorm. Oswald Lorenz)16-12-22-5

Beiblatt der Fliegenden Blätter, Nr. 2273, Zweites Blatt, XC. Band (90th volume);

München, 17. Februar 1889

 kl.(eine) Plauenschestraße 30, Dresden

Fabrik Dresdner Bierseidel Lorenz & Co. (vorm. Oswald Lorenz)16-12-22-4

Beiblatt der Fliegenden Blätter, Nr. 2320, Zweites Blatt, XCII. Band (92th volume)

München, den 12. Januar 1890

kl.(eine) Plauenschestraße 30, Dresden

Oswald Lorenz & Co. 2
Merkelbach & Wick "Prodigal Son" #245.
N.B. unusual hinge arrangement for
the nickel silver lid
, dated circa 1890.

 Oswald Lorenz & Co. 1
Close up of the Lorenz & Co. Dresden mark 
on another stein.

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