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Gottlieb Reutlinger / Witwe
Catharinenpforte 5. Frankfurt-am-Main, Hesse.
Pewterer / Zinngeißerei.
Gottleib had already died by 1852, and his widow was running the company.
There was a Carl Anton Reutlinger (Pewterer), presumably a son, at that time living at
Höllgasse 8.

The business was still running in 1930.
Purchased stein bodies from: Villeroy & Boch - Mettlach  Merkebach & Wick
Reference: Frankfurt Adressbücher

G.Reutlinger 1
Pewter mark on lid of V&B-Mettlach #1909,
featured top centre, dated 1891.

Gottlieb Reutlinger / Witwe 13-2-24-1
Pewter mark on the underside of the lid of a Villeroy & Boch - Mettlach #1526. VB601/70. Dated 1930.

G. Reutlinger 2

V&B-Mettlach #1909 / Dec 673, dated 1891.

Gottlieb Reutlinger / Witwe 13-11-27-2
Niklas-Brau, Erlangen, brewery lid on an 
undecorated Merkelbach & Wick stein

Gottlieb Reutlinger / Witwe 13-11-27-1
Faint touchmark on the underside of the 
featured lid on a Merkelbach & Wick stein


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