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Ernst Dorfner & Cie. (& Co.)
Hirschau bei Amberg, Bavaria.
Porzellan- und Steingutfabrik, sowie Kaolinschlämmerei / Manufacturers of porcelain & earthenware and kaolin treatment.
Founded by Ernst Dorfner, who split away from his relations in the original Dorfner & Co to form his own company, which commenced manufacturing in 1894. Ironically he sold out to the sons of his relations at Gebrüder Dorfner in 1913.
Reference: Kaolin Mines

Ernst Dorfner & Co. 6
Photograph of Hirschau factory, circa 1900
Porzellan- und Steingutfabrik von Ernst Dorfner et Cie.

Ernst Dorfner & Co. 2
Impressed E.D.& C. for Ernst Dorfner et Cie.

Ernst Dorfner & Cie. (& Co.) 1
Highly stylised ink stamp "E.D.& C." together with a circular "Made in Germany", which often appears just by itself, or in conjuction with an impressed E.D.& C. or a vendor's mark.

Ernst Dorfner & Cie. (& Co.) 14-3-9-3
1/2 litre porcelain stein with hand painting over transfer.

Ernst Dorfner & Cie. 008
Impressed E.D.& C. similar to that on the above stein.

Ernst Dorfner & Cie. (& Co.) 14-3-9-2
Details of thumb pull and rear of lid
together with the 1/2 litre capacity mark.

Ernst Dorfner & Cie. (& Co.) 0010
Impressed Hirschau E.D. & C. mark for
Ernst Dorfner et Cie.
N.B. The E of "E.D.&C." has been added later to an existing Dorfner & Co stamp.

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