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Rheinische Steinzeugwerke
Rheinstraße 63 & 65, Grenzhausen,  (now Hohr-Grenzhausen, Rhineland Palatinate)
Steinzeugfabrikant  / Stoneware manufacturer
Known dates: 1921 - 1971

Rheinische Steinzeugwerke 2
"Freedom for the Rhineland, 1930". French forces left in 1930 and Germany re-occupied the Rhineland in 1936.

Rheinische Steinzeugwerke 1
Basemark showing Mould number 200 on bowl above.

Rheinische Steinzeugwerke 17-6-9-2
Attributed to Rheinische Steinzeugwerke. 
Mould No. 405

Rheinische Steinzeugwerke 17-6-9-1
Poor impressed mark showing what is thought to be:
"Rheinische Steinzeug"
Mould No. 405

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