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Dr. Fritz Hammerschmidt

(Residence: Rheinstraße 106, Grenzhausen), Works: Oststraße 9, Grenzhausen, Hesse-Nassau, Prussia, from 1904 until 1938. 
In 1939, Oststraße 9 was then renamed Auf der Heide 49, Höhr-Grenzhausen. The street is now called Töpferstraße, Höhr-Grenzhausen, Rhineland-Palatinate.
(N.B. The towns of Höhr & Grenzhausen merged on the 1st April 1936. The federal state of Rhineland Palatinate was established on the 30th August 1946).
Steinzeugwarenfabrik / Stoneware manufacturer
Alfons Wilhelm Lötschert was known to be in production at Oststraße 9 in 1912. It is possible that Dr. Fritz Hammerschmidt was working with, and supplying chemical expertise to Lötschert, from the start. Hammerschmidt purchased parts of the property, a kiln and various moulds and materials, from him in 1919. He spent some semesters during 1919 & 1920, learning his trade at the Königliche Fachschule in Höhr, but did not attend all the subjects. The company was first officially registered on the 23rd November 1920. Dr Fritz Hammerschmidt was listed in the 1921/22 Grenzhausen address book, but closed down soon afterwards. There were fifteen employees. Hammerschmidt initiated no new designs during his ownership. He subsequently sold the moulds to
Steinzeug-Industrie G.m.b.HThe premises were taken over in 1924, by another stoneware manufacturer, 
Karl Hansen & Co. of Hindenburgstrasse 67
, Godesberg am Rhein. The company called Dr. Fritz Hammerschmidt was officially deregistered in 1930.
Coblenz Adressbuch

Dr. Fritz Hammerschmidt 15-5-4-2
This 0.5 litre stein #236, has been incorrectly attributed in the past to Peter Hammer. However the mark immediately below, proves that it was made by Dr. Fritz Hammerschmidt.

Dr. Fritz Hammerschmidt 15-5-4-1
Basemark on Dr. Fritz Hammerschmidt #236

Dr. Fritz Hammerschmidt 11-7-19-1
Dr. Fritz Hammerschmidt #324, Size 2 Litres

Dr Fritz Hammerschmidt 1
2 Litre serving jug #322, designed by
Wilhelm Ratelbach for Alfons Wilhelm Lötschert.
The accompanying 0.3 litres steins, can be seen on the Lötschert page and have the same #322 number.

Dr Fritz Hammerschmidt 2
Impressed mark on featured stein above, consists of a circle of dots, hammer and inverted "S".


Dr. Fritz Hammerschmidt 14-2-20-2
0.5 litre stein #372, with pressed steel lid,
designed by 
Wilhelm Ratelbach 
for Alfons Wilhelm Lötschert.

Dr. Fritz Hammerschmidt 14-2-20-1
Basemark on the featured stein above.

Peter Hammer / Peter Hammer Wwe. / Inhaber Simon Peter Hammer 11-4-3-1
2 litre Hammerschmidt #610.
Impressed mark of a circle of dots, hammer and inverted "S".

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