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Hermann Klein & Cie.

Mannheim, Baden. (Now Baden - Württemburg)
Künstler / Artist.
Dates Known: 1891 - 1899

Purchased steins from:

Hermann Klein 1

II Bad. Grend. Regt. K. W. I No. 110 - Mannheim.
Years of Service were 1888 to 1891.
The portrait  is of Kaiser Wilhelm I.

Hermann Klein 3
Lid insert of the stein, left, "Three cheers to the Reservists of the 12th Company". 1888 - 1891.

Hermann Klein 2
Decorator's signature on featured stein dated 1891.
Hermann Klein & Cie. 11-4-14-1
Vth Bad Grend.K.W.I No.110 3 Komp. 
in Mannheim, 1892 - 1894.

Hermann Klein & Cie. 20-8-5-2

2nd Bavarian Foot Artillery Regiment
1897 to 1899, 
at Germersheim.

 "Donner, Hagel, Tod und Blitz, 

Alles komt aus dem Geschütz”.

 Thunder, hail, death and lightning,

all come out of the cannon.

Hermann Klein & Cie. 20-8-5-1
Decorator's signature on the above stein.

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