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Josef Zeithammel

Teinfaltstraße 5-8, Vienna 1. & Gumpendorferstraße 96 / 99, Vienna IV, Austro-Hungarian Empire (now Austria)

Porzellan-Malerei en gros / Porcelain decorator in quantity
Zeithammel was born on March 16th, 1852 in Theresienstadt in Bohemia.
He was married on November 24, 1881 in Theresienstadt to Anna Strnad (died on December 14, 1883, only a few days after the birth of her daughter). He married again on February 24, 1889 in Vienna Gumpendorf to Eleonora Pleiner. He was first documented as working as a porcelain painter in April 1895 with two shops in Teinfaltstraße 5-8 in the 1st district and in Gumpendorferstraße 99 in the VI. District. From December 1895 he closed his business in the 1st district - see advertisement "Complete sale at half price in my city shop". In April 1896 he then sold the business inventory in the 1st district due to complete dissolution. In 1907 he was still listed as a porcelain painter at Gumpendorferstraße 99. He died on June 19, 1930 at Gumpendorferstraße 99.

Reference:  Address book 1,  Address book 2  Vienna districts

Zeithammels 3
Stein manufactured circa 1895,
with lid made by pewterer Carl Heyer.
Josef Zeithammel April 1895
Newspaper advertisement, April 1895


Zeithammels 1
Basemark on featured stein. There would appear to be a discrepancy between Zeithammel's advertised address, and the address on this ink stamp. The author currently has several theories as to how this occurred, but no firm facts.

Josef Zeithammel December 1895
Newspaper advertisement December 1895.
"Complete sale at half price in my city shop"

Zeithammels 2
Stein manufactured circa 1895,
ith lid made by pewterer Carl Heyer.

Josef Zeithammel April 1896
Newspaper Advertisement April 1896

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