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F.A. Schwill & Son Co.
104, also 312 - 314 Main Street, Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
Brewer's Supplies and Grain
Known dates: In 1889, F.A. Schwill was resident at No. 104 Main Street. By 1903 they were at No. 339 and by 1914 they were at Nos. 312 - 314.
Decorated steins supplied by: Thuemler Manufacturing Co
Reference: Cincinnati Bell Telephone book 1889  Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce 1903   Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce 1914  

FA Schwill 2
Representation of Gambrinus on the top of the handle on featured stein has been seen on other brewery steins produced by Thuemler.

FA Schwill 1

Staub macht Durst
Und da der Mensch aus Staub gemacht
muss er saufen Tag und Nacht 

"Dust makes thirst

and since humans are made of dust,
we should drink day and night”.

FA Schwill 3
Ink stamp on the base of the featured stein. 
This stein was manufactured and decorated by the Thuemler Manufacturing Co. to be given away by 
F.A. Schwill & Son Co. as a sales incentive.

F.A. Schwill & Son Co. 13-3-25-1
An alternate inkstamped basemark.

F.A. Schwill & Son Co. 14-9-23-1
Yet another alternative, in this case without "Co."

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