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Arthur Schiller (& Co.) (and Son)
Chicago, Illinois, United States
Distributor and Supplier to Hotels, Railways and Airlines.
Known dates: This company started in Chicago, as Arthur Schiller & Co. about 1892. They are listed as such in the New York Times of 6th December 1896. They distributed mainly china from Porzellanfabrik Weiden Gebrüder Bauscher before WW I; and continued after the war with other china manufacturers as well. Thuemler was their major stein supplier and they specialised in producing brewery steins.

Arthur Schiller (& Co.) (and Son) 17-1-30-2`
"Burg Bräu" Independent brewing association - pre prohibition.

Arthur Schiller (& Co.) (and Son) 17-1-30-1
Basemark on the "Burg Bräu" stein,
showing the Thuemler concentric rings on the base.

A Schiller & Son 1

Wo vom Zapfen schäumt das Bier,

kannst du ruhig sitzen, sag ich dir,

gute Wirthe haben keine Spritzen.


"Where from the tap foams the beer,

you can sit in peace, so I say,

(because) good innkeepers do not splash or spray".

A. Schiller 2
Representation of Gambrinus on the top of the handle on featured stein has been seen on other brewery steins produced by The Thuemler Manufacturing Co..
A. Schiller 3
Ink stamp on the base of the featured stein. This stein was decorated by the
Thuemler Manufacturing Co

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