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Jakob Neumark
Weinstraße 18, Munich, Bavaria 
Keramik-Händler / Ceramics retailer
Known dates: 1886 - 1890
Purchased steins from: Gebrüder Horn  L. Bauernfreund & Co.

J. Neumark 15-5-2-2

Beiblatt der Fliegenden Blätter, Nr. 2171, Zweites Blatt, LXXXVI. Band (86th volume);

München, den 6. March 1887

Translation: Soldiers and Veterans stein. Original beer stein in coloured earthenware, with the national colours of (the German flag) black, white and red.
Available with cash on delivery of 4.5 Marks, includes packing from J. Neumark, Weinstraße 18, Munich. 
Legally Protected. 

J. Neumark 16-3-28-1
Krieger- und Veteranen-seidel 
"Soldiers and Veterans stein"
Commissioned by L. Bauernfreund & Co.
Manufactured by Hauber & Reuther

J. Neumark 15-5-2-1

Beiblatt der Fliegenden Blätter, Nr. 2345, Drittes Blatt, 93. Band (93th volume)

München, den 6. July 1890

Translation: 1/2 L. Genuine and Latest  
Shrapnel Stein 
in porcelain with lithophane,
replicated from the original.
Price 4 Marks, includes packing available with cash on delivery from J. Neumark, Weinstraße 18, Munich.
J. Neumark 16-3-28-2
Porcelain steins are rarely marked, so one can only assume that this porcelain artillery shell stein might come from the same manufacturer as the advertised stein.

J. Neumark 1 
Exactly as in the accompanying advertisement in coloured faience as an original beer stein, available with cash on delivery for 3.50 Marks, includes packaging from J. Neumark, Weinstraße 18, Munich. 
Jakob Neumark 17-1-15-1
Der Kamerun-Student / "The Cameroon Student" stein, mould #1005, ECS187.
Manufactured by Gebrüder Horn, in faience, the Cameroon Student originates from one of the then new German colonies in Africa, in this case in West Africa. The German Cameroons existed between 1884 to 1916. The student is depicted as belonging to a dueling fraternity, by evidence of the white scars.

Jakob Neumark 16-12-19-1

Beiblatt der Fliegenden Blätter, Nr. 2237, Zweites Blatt, München, den 10. June 1888

Cameroon - Student

Most original beer stein with beautiful lithophane in genuine durable porcelain each 3.50 marks.
Includes packaging sent from Munich cash on
delivery through 
J. Neumark Glass & Porcelain Shop, Munich.
M.H. Neumeyer 1
1/2 litre porcelain stein. probably decorated by August Saeltzer, with the body and lid possibly made by either Fritz Thenn & Co. or Heinrich Waffler II as they had high temperature ovens.

J. Neumark 15-5-2-3

Beiblatt der Fliegenden Blätter, Nr. 2183, Zweites Blatt, LXXXVI. Band (86th volume);

München, den 29. May 1887

Translation: Utopia Stein
Newest beer stein in colored earthenware,
produced (with) a picture of the Utopian life.  
Available with cash on delivery 4 Marks. includes packing from J. Neumark, Weinstraße 18, Munich.
     J. Neumark 15-5-2-7
(Schlaraffenland is the mythical land of plenty 
(milk & honey).  It is a legendary Utopia
The Schlaraffen stein was commissioned by 
L. Bauernfreund & Co. (temporary photograph)

J. Neumark 15-5-2-4
was found in the catalog as #2070 as desirable,
useful and 
available with stoneware body design
exactly like the accompanying advertisement at
7 Marks per piece,
includes packing and cash on delivery to be sent.
J. Neumark, Weinstraße 18, Munich, 

J. Neumark 16-3-26-1
The Fashionable Lady stein, otherwise known as the "Lady with Bustle" by Hauber & Reuther. 
The advertised model, ECS245, (top) has a fluted pewter lid to represent the top half of the bustle,

J. Neumark 15-5-2-6
Possibly a later version; ECS244, pictured immediately above, has the bustle fabricated from a smooth domed pewter cover and the parasol attached to the handle. 

Jakob Neumark 16-12-19-1

Beiblatt der Fliegenden Blätter, Nr. 2139, Zweites Blatt, LXXXV. Band (85th volume)

München, den 25. July 1886

Velocipede - Stein
 1/2 litre stein (made) out of stoneware, figure and (rear) wheel (made) out of tin (pewter) (the latter movable) exactly like the adjacent advertisement
(and) available price each 7 marks. 
Packing price 50 Pfennig per box through 
J. Neumark, Munich, Weinstraße 18.

Jakob Neumark 16-12-26-1
Penny-Farthing / High Wheeler bicycle - ECS460.
1/2 litre Cobalt blue, salt glaze stoneware sphere making up the drinking portion, with pewter components making up the lid / hinge,
rider and rear wheel assembly.

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