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F.X. Kusterer
Göggingen bei Augsburg, Bavaria
Kunstgewerblicher getriebener Arbeiten aus Silber, Cupfer, Messing und Aluminium / Commercial wheel engraved art works in Silver, Copper, Brass and Aluminium
Known dates: 1893.
Possibly founded by Franz Xaver Kusterer, who started out as an engraver, producing maps as early as 1832.

Kusterer 3
Copper, hinge lidded, tankard, 10" tall. 
Note twisted handle.

kusterer 5
Copper, hinge lidded, tankard, 11.4" tall. 


Kusterer 2
Bavarian Shield and floral design 
on copper, hinge lidded, tankard.

All the examples on this page are attributed to F.X. Kusterer, but are as yet to be confirmed.

kusterer 8
Copper, hinge lidded, tankard 14" tall. 
Front View.

kusterer 6
Copper, hinge lidded, tankard 14" tall. 
Side view of the above tankard. 
Note twisted handle.

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