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Alois Klammerth
Znaim in Moravia, Austro-Hungarian Empire. Now called Znojmo, Czech Republic.
Steingut Krüge und Majolika - Werke / 
Earthenware Vessels and Majolica Work.
The company was founded in 1832. They produced a porcelain like fired stoneware, usually with blue lustre glazes and "Smalt", a blue glaze based on Cobalt Oxide. Designs were influenced by copper engravings from the time of Durer & Holbein, and appeared as "Old German" motifs. Alois Klammerth died on November 26th 1878 following a typhus infection. The company is still in business today.
Reference: Barbara Mundt  251  Klammerth

Alois Klammerth 17-10-24-1
Unnumbered Klammerth beer stein, date unknown.
Courtesy of Fox Auctions.

Klammerth 2
Serving jug, dated circa 1876.

Alois Klammerth 17-10-31-1
Unnumbered Klammerth beer stein, date unknown.

Alois Klammerth 17-10-31-5
Translation of text on the above stein.
"Den Auerhahn macht Liebe blind
So geht's auch manchen Menschenkind".
"To the Wood Grouse love makes (it) blind
(and) so it is with much of human kind."

Alois Klammerth 17-10-31-4
Basemark on the above stein.

KLammerth 15-12-23-1
Details of the pewter lid on the featured jug (left).

Alois Klammerth 17-10-31-2
Unnumbered Klammerth beer stein, date unknown.

Alois Klammerth 17-10-31-3
Basemark on the above stein.

Klammerth 3
Ink signature on the back of a handpainted
Klammerth plate depicting Camillo Fvrio

Klammerth 4
Impressed mark on the featured jug (left).

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