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Identifications and Valuations

Stein Marks will always remain "Free to view”.  However I receive many requests for Identifications and valuations, and I am spending hours of my day answering them. I have therefore decided to charge a nominal amount which helps offset the running costs of the site.

If you wish me to identify and / or value your stein, please send me correctly focussed photos, suitable for full screen viewing, as shown in the formats below, whilst at the same time listing your specific questions. If I am able to fulfil your request, I will reply with an email address enabling you to send the fee to my Paypal account. Once the fee has been received, I will supply all available information.
The valuation will be subject to the information you give me, and on your country of residence. Please state whether it is valuation for actual selling price or insurance purposes. The condition of the stein is all important. Are there any hairline cracks, chips, staining or other damage? Is the lid undented, sitting straight and level and tightly secured to the handle? The resulting valuation is an estimate based on the author's market experience and should only be used for guidance. It does not guarantee the market price you will achieve!

For the above service, the current pricing, per stein is: 

G.B. £’s Sterling      - £7.00

Eurozone.                - €9.00

 US dollars                - $10.00

Australian dollars   - $13.00

   Other currencies     - Pro rata.

To make a payment, please ask for an email address for you to use for payment inside your Paypal account.

Fully paid up members of SCI, & associates of Stein Marks will continue to receive a free service.

Identifications 5
Whole stein, full side view.
It is not necessary for you to remove 
the background as shown here.

Identifications 2
Pewterer's mark on the underside of the lid.

Identifications 1
Whole stein, Full frontal view
It is not necessary for you to remove
the background as shown here.

Identifications 3
Capacity Mark, in this case 1/2 Litre.
It is not necessary for you to remove 
the background as shown here.

Identifications 4
Base Marks, showing impressed mould number, 
together with decorator's inkstamp.

If you require an identification and / or a valuation, click HERE.
● For any other reason, e-mail the author.
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