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Joseph Pemmerl

Thal (now Tal) 26, Wiesenstraße 2, Orlandostraße 6 (1) Hochbrückenstraße 4, Munich. Bavaria.

Zinngießer / Pewterer

Joseph Pemmerl was born in Wörth an der Donau, just east of Regensburg. Whilst serving his apprenticeship to become a pewterer, Joseph also studied geometry, construction and modelling at the Kgl. Landwirtschafts- und Gewerbsschule, Straubing, during the 1860/1861 school year. He also again attended the school during the year of 1863/64. Around this time he would have been required to serve his compulsory two years military service. During the Franco-Prussian War (19th July 1870 and 10th May 1871) Joseph served as a corporal in the 13th Infantry Regiment Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria and received an Order of Merit (Verdienstkreuz). 

On July 19 1873, Joseph Pemmerl married Elise Hauser in the Roman Catholic Parish of Ludwigskirche, Munich. Elise was a singer, and sang in many operas and theatre productions in Munich. In 1874 and 1875, Elise Pemmerl’s address was listed in the Munich directory as an opera singer residing on the second floor of Wiesenstraße 2. Josef Pemmerl possibly hadn't yet established his own business in Munich and therefore was not listed. In 1876 Joseph and Elise opened their first business / home address at Thal (now Tal) 26. By 1885 they are listed at Orlandostraße 6, 1st floor, but in 1891 they again moved the business and residence again to Hochbrückenstraße 4. They lived in the first floor flat, whllst their shop occupied the ground floor. By 1900 Joseph had left the pewter trade  and had converted the shop into a cigar retail establishment. Joseph died in 1911. Elise moved out of the ground floor in Hochbrückenstraße 4, but kept the shop trading on the first floor until 1916 and then the 4th floor in 1917, after which she closed the business. After Joseph's death she no longer styled herself as a singer, but as a merchant's widow. She lived at various addresses until 1943, which is the last record of her.

Purchased steins from:

J. Pemmerl 2
Top view of the stein (centre),
showing the 
Hofbräu logo on the lid.
The 1578 is the serial number issued to this particular stein to denote ownership by the Hofbräuhaus.

J. Pemmerl 1
Hofbräuhaus München stein solely
for use inside the Hofbräuhaus.
Dated between 1876 and circa 1900.

J. Pemmerl 3
The pewterer's stamp on the
underside of the pewter lid, shown left.

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