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Wim Mühlendyck (Inhaber Elisabeth Dietz Bläsner)
Lindenstraße 39, Höhr-Grenzhausen. Rhineland Palatinate.
Kunst-Töpferei / Art Pottery.
Born Porz-Cologne 1st March 1905. Attended the Staatliche Keramische Fachschule in 1926 - 27. He ran his own workshop & pottery between 1931 to the 1970's.
He collaborated in techniques with Elfriede Balzar-Kopp

Died Höhr-Grenzhausen 10th April 1986.  
Reference: Evkirche  

Wim Mühlendyck 17-8-29-1
Stein #426C, front view

Wim Mühlendyck 17-8-29-2
Stein #426C, side view

Wim Mühlendyck 17-8-29-3
Basemarks on #426C, plus stylised windmill, 
shown left. Mühle meaning mill.

Wim Mühlendyck 17-8-29-4
Marks on the underside of the lid on #426C. 

Wim Mühlendyck 2
Incised mark #414A plus stylised windmill.
Mühle meaning mill.

Wim Mühlendyck (Inhaber Elisabeth Dietz Bläsner) 11-8-23-1
Stein #432D

Wim Mühlendyck (Inhaber Elisabeth Dietz Bläsner) 11-8-23-2
Incised mark #432D plus stylised windmill on featured stein,in this case with "Handmade in West Germany", presumably for export, which dates in to 1949 - 1970's

Wim Mühlendyck 1

Incised mark #432D plus stylised windmill and Mühlendyck's signature.

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