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Wilhelm Stecher
5-7 Blasiusgasse, Würzburg. Bavaria.
Zinngießerei. / Pewterer
Wilhelm Stecher was a qualified Zinngiessermeister who was trading between 1908 to 1945.
It is believed he possibly purchased some parts or products of the Franz Ruckert company in 1908.
Purchase stein bodies from: Sachsenglas?
Wieland Schätzlein, grandson of Wilhelm Stecher.

Wilhelm Stecher 15-1-23-1
Wilhelm Stecher in his workshop.
This is an newspaper article from the Würzburger Generalanzeiger, dated 1938, claiming that Wilhelm Stecher is now the sole Zinngiessermeister in Würzburg.

Wilhelm Stecher 2
Wilhelm Stecher inkstamp on a stein base.

Wilhelm Stecher 15-1-25-3
Pewter lid on Sachsenglas? stein
dedicated to one A. Schmitt.

Wilhelm Stecher 15-1-25-2
Pewterer's touch mark on the tang of the above lid.

Wilhelm Stecher 15-1-25-1
 The Sachsenglas? stein above was moulded
with the pewterer's name on the base.

Wilhelm Stecher 15-1-23-3
5-7 Blasiusgasse, Würzburg, circa 1930. 
It was destroyed in 1945.

Wilhelm Stecher 15-1-23-2
W. Stecher touchmark on a stein lid assembly.

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