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Theodor Schmid
Dachauerstraße 99, Reifenstuelstraße 10 & Müllerstraße 44, Munich. Bavaria.
Glas und Porzellanmalerei. / Glass & Porcelain Decorator
Known dates: c.1899 - c.1937
Steins designed by:
Franz Ringer
Purchased stein bodies from: Johann Peter Thewalt, Merkelbach & Wick
Mark Durban  Phoenix

Theodor Schmid 07
Student stein, decorated at Reifenstuelstraße 10. 
District II.

Theodor Schmid 06
Featured student stein's lid insert, 
decorated at
 Reifenstuelstraße 10. District II.

Theodor Schmid 6
Artist's signature on Merkelbach & Wick stein, 
dated 1899.
Decorated at
Dachauerstraße 99. District III.

Thomas H. Schmid 2
Ink stamped at Müllerstraße 44

Theodor Schmid 11-6-8-1
Red inkstamp with no visible address.

Theodor Schmid 15-11-2-4
Transfer and hand painted stein dated 1903.
The design was originated by Franz Ringer.

Theodor Schmid 15-11-2-3
44th General meeting of the association of German engineers 1903, Hofbrauhaus München
Lid on above featured stein.

theodor Schmid 15-11-2-2
Basemark on above featured stein.

Johann Lindner 4
Cast mark by Johann Lindner, identical to the one on the underside of the pewter lid of the above featured stein.

Theodor Schmid 19-1-7-2
1 litre, Munich Maid mounted on a Ram,
stein body by Merkelbach & Wick

Theodor Schmid 19-1-7-1
Basemarks on 1 litre stein above, Inked signature of artist's name and address at Arndstraße 1,
plus impressed Merkelbach & Wick roundel.

Theodor Schmid 15-6-11-1
Zur Erinnungen an der
19th Deutschen Malertag. Munchen 1905.

To the remembrance of the 
19th German painter's day. Munich 1905.

Thomas H. Schmid 3
Ink stamped at Müllerstraße 44, as per the stein above.

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