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L. Thannemann & Co. 
Schillerstraße 28, Landwehrstraße 43, Munich. Bavaria.
Porzellan Malerei und Zinngie
ßerei / Porcelain decorators and pewterers
Known dates: 1885 - >1957.
In 1900, the owners were Wilhelm Sch
öne and Ludwig Thannemann, based in Schillerstraße 28. Then presumably Thannemann's son, also Ludwig u. Frau Johanna Thannemann became proprietors in 1927 and were still so in 1937. By 1957 the proprietor was J. Fischer. 
Purchased steins from: Marzi-Remy, Reinhold Hanke, Dümler & Breiden, Albert Jacob Thewalt.
Supplied steins to: Estorff of Berlin 
Reference: Digital Bibliothek

L. Thannemann et Cie. München. 7
Dümler & Breiden #58, usually in stoneware, but also with a copper coating applied, as seen above. Dümler & Breiden #67 and Reinhold Hanke #1229 has also been seen supplied with this coating.

L. Thannemann et Cie. München. 6
Impressed identification and Patent marks of the featured copper coated Dümler & Breiden #58 stein. These impressed marks were made, whilst the pottery was at its "green" stage, prior to the pottery being fired at the manufacturer. The stein would then be copper coated.

L.Thannemann et Cie
Impressed mark from a Dümler & Breiden #58 stein. Whilst this example still has the special "Patent" marking, which presumably refers to the copper leaf coating, was for some unknown reason, sold without the coating.

L. Thannemann et Cie. 13-4-25-1
Basemark on another Thomas-Bräu München 
0,4L, this time in black.

L. Thannemann et Cie. 15-4-5-2
Souvenir stein "Gruß aus Gmunden" 

L. Thannemann et Cie. 15-4-5-1
Vendor's mark on the base of the handle of the souvenir stein above, was obviously made specifically for them by an unknown maker.

L. Thannemann & Co. 16-2-6-1
Invoice letterhead, date 22nd April 1901, stating that the owners were Wilhelm Schöne and 
Ludwig Thannemann, in business as 
porcelain decorators and pewterers.

L. Thannemann et Cie. München. 4
On the left is a wooden punch used by Marzi & Remy to mark L.T.M. steins.

L. Thannemann et Cie. München. 5
Close up of the Marzi & Remy punch.

L. Thannemann et Cie. 14-3-11-3
Thomas-Bräu München 0,4L

L. Thannemann et Cie. 14-3-11-2
Lid on Thomas-Bräu München 0,4L

L. Thannemann et Cie. 14-3-11-1
Mark under the handle on Thomas-Bräu München 0,4L

L. Thannemann et Cie. 1
Impressed mark of manufacturer as yet unknown.

L. Thannemann et Cie. 2
Impressed mark on a stein manufactured by Marzi & Remy and sold by L. Thannemann et Cie. München.

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