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Albert Jacob Thewalt
Gartenstraße 20, Höhr, Hesse-Nassau, Prussia. (now Höhr-Grenzhausen, Rhineland Palatinate).
Steinzeugfabrik / Stoneware manufacturer.

Albert Jacob Thewalt (b.5th August 1857 - d.29th November 1939) co-founded in around 1882 Paulus & Thewalt with Jean Paulus, who became his brother in law in 1883. 
He left this partnership on the 1st July 1894 to start his own company..
Wilhelm Kamp designed the first stein in 1897.
Succeeded by son, Albert Johann (b.16th December 1884 - d.19th March 1957) and then grandson, Albert Jakob (b.6th August 1926). 
Stein production finally ceased on 31st October 2009. However in January 2011, the right to manufacture, using certain selected Thewalt moulds, was sold to King-Werk
These steins are being produced, using the traditional methods and materials in limited editions of 2500 and are marked "Thewalt 1893" & "Made in Germany". 
The product range will be revised and refreshed each year.
The following designers either designed the pottery for Albert Jacob Thewalt, or put their decoration on standard pieces. 
Anton Kilian "Karl" Beuler  Cesare Cardinale  Peter Dümler  Wilhelm Kamp  Franz Ringer

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Albert Jacob Thewalt 12-4-24-1
An advertisement from Führer durch Höhr, dated 1907

A J Thewalt
Impressed marked 1893 - 1907. Stein production began under modeller Wilhelm Kamp in 1897.

(Albert Jacob) Thewalt 2
Impressed mark 1907 - 1920. Capital "I" & "J" are the same in Old German. Current thinking is that the dot above the crossbar is to indicate that an "I"or"J" is there; hence "Albert Jacob Thewalt".

A J Thewalt 6
Impressed mark 1907 - 1920. Capital "I" & "J" are the same in Old German. Current thinking is that the dot above the crossbar is to indicate that an "I"or"J" is there; hence "Albert Jacob Thewalt".

Albert Jacob Thewalt 009
Albert Jacob Thewalt #298.

A J Thewalt 5
Impressed mark 1930 - current day

Albert Jacob Thewalt 010

Impressed "GRENZAU” mark on a range of
Thewalt steins,  produced in the 1970's known as 
"Exclusive original reproductions of six centuries"

Albert Jacob Thewalt 11-6-14-1
Impressed "Grenzau" mark on base of reproduction stein #84, dated 1973, complete with aluminised sticker of the A.A.Importing Co. St. Louis. Missouri, which also imported products from Hachiya Bros.

Albert Jacob Thewalt 14-9-11-1
Modern ink stamp mark.

Albert Jacob Thewalt 00010

Impressed marks on centennial reproduction of 
A.J. Thewalt #1, dated after 1998, together with the confirmed signature of Frau Erika Ella Thewalt and 
Herr Albert Jakob Thewalt.

A J Thewalt 4
Modern impressed mark. "Original Thewalt" indicates recent manufacture from an old "original" or remade 
mould. This example made in 1995 in reunified Germany.

Albert Jacob Thewalt 9
Impressed mark. c1970 - 1985.

Albert Jacob Thewalt 11-1
Impressed mark 1920 - 1930.
N.B. This is similar to the earlier mark i.e.1907 - 1920,
but with no dot above the crossbar.

A J Thewalt 13-10-28-1
Modern mark, placed at the capacity mark position.

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