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Hermann Zimmer
Berliner Studenten-Requisiten-Haus
Artilleriestraße 5, 14, 13, & Johannisstraße 8, (N24) Berlin, Prussia (now the Federal City State of Berlin).
Handschuhmacher, Militärische Effekten und Studentenrequisiten, sowie Krug- und Gläserbeschläge.
Glovemaker, Militaria & student gifts & regalia, as well as metal fittings for steins & glass.
Hermann Zimmer is believed to have owned a shop on the corner of Artilleriestraße, (now called Tucholskystraße) and Johannisstraße.
Due to renumbering in Artilleriestraße, although his address changed, his location always remained the same.
 The first recorded date of 1891, shows the official listed address as Johannisstraße 8, then between 1893 to 1897, Artilleriestraße 5.
The address changed in 1898 to Artilleriestraße 14, until sometime in 1907, when it changed again to Artilleriestraße 13.
It remained thus, until the last recorded date in 1936.

Steins purchased from Villeroy & Boch - Mettlach, Merkelbach & Wick,
Berliner Adressbücher  Berlin Postcodes

Hermann Zimmer 17-7-29-1
Student stein in glass with lid dated 
Winter Semester 1903/4.
Gothia seis Panier!  and  Ehre Freiheit Vaterland!

Hermann Zimmer 11-3
Dedication on featured lid dated
Winter Semester 1903/4, above

 Hermann Zimmer 11-2
Signature on featured lid dated
 Winter Semester 1903/4, above

Hermann Zimmer 05
Student glass stein with featured lid dated 1909.

Hermann Zimmer 17-7-29-3
"B.D.St sei's Panier" Student stein.

Hermann Zimmer 17-7-29-2
Artist's signature on featured stein above.

H.Zimmer 2
Stein manufactured by Merkelbach & Wick.

Hermann Zimmer 06
Student glass stein with lid dated September 1903.

H.Zimmer 4
Student glass stein with lid for the Winter Semester 1907/8.

H.Zimmer 1
Villeroy & Boch - Mettlach #1526, dated 1903.

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