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William Brownfield (& Son/s)
Waterloo Road, Cobridge, Stoke on Trent, Great Britain.
Hersteller / Manufacturer
The company was founded as Robinson, Wood & Brownfield in 1836, then from 1841 Wood & Brownfield. It became soley William Brownfield in 1850 and then William Brownfield & Son in 1871 & Sons in 1976. The company went bankrupt in 1892 and Brownfield's Guild Pottery Society was formed. Brownfield Pottery Ltd was formed in 1898, but finally ceased trading in 1900.
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William Brownfield 2
Jug marked 10/82

William Brownfield 1 
Impressed mark from featured jug above, post 1860.

William Brownfield (& Son/s) 12-4-30-2
Lidded jug marked 10/75. Capacity 4/5ths of a pint.
Although unmarked, the lid could be by
Benjamin Grayson & Son




William Brownfield (& Son/s) 12-4-30-1
Impressed mark from featured 10/75 jug left, post 1860.

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