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This section is designed to aid identification of logos. Where there is straightforward text or initials, then search in the relevant place in  Stein Marks   above on the menu bar. Certain logos have many components, so in order to simplify identification, I have chosen the major component. Where more than one component has equal priority, then I have listed it more than once. A little imagination might well be required since your eye could well see logos differently
to the author's eye. 

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  Alphabetical Index by Logo  


Otto Hupp
Königliche Porzellanmanufaktur (K.P.M.)
Royal Porzellan Manufaktur G.m.b.H
(Jakob Julius) Scharvogel Kunsttöpferei München
C. Tielsch & Co.
Moritz Zdekauer
W.M.F. Württembergische MetallwarenFabrik


Alexandre Bigot - Grès de Bigot
Matthias Girmscheid
(PZH) (N.V.Koninklijke) Plateelbakkerij Zuid-Holland, E. Estié & Co.
Villeroy & Boch - Mettlach
Theodor Wieseler / Wieseler & Beeri / Wieseler & Mahler
Vilmos Zsolnay

Wim Mühlendyck

Ceramic Arts Company / Lenox Incorporated
Rudolf Ditmar
Jakob Goldschmidt. / Gebrüder Goldschmidt.
Reinhold Merkelbach / Merkelbach Manufaktur / Merkelbach Manufaktur W. Goebel KG./ Manufaktur Merkelbach GmbH
Merkelbach & Wick
Hugo Reinhold
Steinzeug-Industrie Coblenz (Georg & Hans Stueler)
Imperially & Royally Privileged Wilhelmsburg - Earthenware Factory


Hachiya Brothers
Reinhold Hanke
Porzellanmanufaktur Tettau
Villeroy & Boch - Mettlach

  Crossed Diagonal  

Bremer & Liebmann / Eduard Liebmann Porzellanfabrik K.G.. 
Dümler & Breiden
Friedrich Christian Greiner & Söhne
Franziska Hirsch
Hermann Hutschenreuther
Eduard Liebmann Porzellanfabrik
Porzellan-Manufaktur Meissen
Swaine & Co.

Royal Copenhagen
Royal Crown Derby
Ebeling & Reuss 
Haas & Czjzek
Reinhold Hanke
Hermann Hutschenreuter
Porzellanfabrik Siegmund Paul Meyer
Porzellan und Glasmalerei Karl Rau (vormals Michael Bergmann)
Sächsische Glasfabrik - Sachsenglas (Inhaber August Walther & Söhne A. G.)
Porzellanfabrik Sandizell, Höffner & Co. / Porzellanfabrik Sandizell G.m.b.H. & Co. K.G.

C.G. Schierholz (& Sohn) / V.E.B. Porzellan Manufaktur Plaue / Von Schierholz Porzellan Manufaktur Plaue G.m.b.H.

Sitzendorfer Porzellanfabrik
Albert Stahl & Co.
Three Crowns China
Paul Utzschneider & Cie - Sarreguemines
Porzellan und Steingutfabrik Ludwig Wessel

  The following are patent or copyright marks, NOT makers marks**. 
Musterschutz.                                                    (Trademark or Design Protection.)
Gengen Nachbildung Geschützt                           (Protected against copying)
Gesetzlich Geschützt                                         (Protected by Law, Copyrighted or Patented)
Geschützt                                                          (Protected by law)
D.R.G.M. Deutsches Reich Gebrauchsmuster.      (German Reich Registered Design) - Pre 1949
D.B.G.M. Deutsches Bundes Gebrauchsmuster.   (German Federal Registered Design) - Post 1949
DEP Deponert / Deponiert                                   (Copyright - replaced after the 1874 Reichs-Markengesetz)
D.R.P. Deutsches Reichpatent.                           (German Reich Patent) - Pre 1949
D.B.P. Deutsches Bundespatent                       (German Federal Patent) - Post 1949
DEP / Déposé. Modèle Déposé Française            (French registered design)

  **  Certain makers however are only identified by known D.R.G.M or Mustershutz marks which were used instead of maker's marks. The Gebrauchsmuster is slightly different from the Patent, in that processes and methods cannot be protected by a Gebrauchsmuster, whereas products can. Furthermore, the maximum term of a Gebrauchsmuster is ten years from the
date of registration, but a Patent usually has a term of twenty years from the date of registration. 

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