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Erbo Zinn - (Erich Bolling) GmbH & Co.
Im Mühlholz 2, Höhr-Grenzhausen, Rhineland Palatinate. 

Zinngießerei. / Pewterer.

Known dates: 1958 - Current date

Produces lids for: Porzellanfabrik AL-KA Kunst Alboth & Kaiser (K.G.) / Kaiser-Porzellanmanufaktur Staffelstein (G.m.b.H. & Co.) K.G.  Glas- u. Porzellanmanufaktur Karlheinz Zimmermann

Reference: Erbo Zinn

Unown 11-8-21-18 
Touchmark on the underside of a pewter lid

Erbo Zinn - (Erich Bolling) GmbH & Co.13-1-21-1
Stein #483c made by Porzellanfabrik AL-KA Kunst Alboth & Kaiser (K.G.) / Kaiser-Porzellanmanufaktur Staffelstein (G.m.b.H. & Co.) K.G. Lidded by Erbo Zinn. Imported and sold by Ebeling & Reuss in the United States.

Erbo Zinn - (Erich Bolling) GmbH & Co. 13-1-21-2
Label stuck to the underside of the lid of the featured stein.

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