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Aktiengesellschaft Sächsische Ofen- und Schamottewaren Fabrik vormals  Ernst Teichert Meißen

Cölln, Meissen, Saxony.
Ofen- und Schamottewaaren Fabrik / Manufacturer of furnace and refractory clay goods

Johann Friedrich Ernst Teichert originally worked, as a foreman, in the ceramics factory of his brother Johann Friedrich Carl Teichert, but, aged 37, set up his own company, Produktionsstätte für Ofen- und Schamottewaren in 1869. 
The company name was changed on 15 September 1872 to Aktiengesellschaft Sächsische Ofen- und Schamottewaren Fabrik vormals Ernst Teichert Meißen. Until the second half of the 1870’s the main product was white furnace tiles, distribution of which was limited to the German market due to the high import duties abroad. Ernst Teichert opened a porcelain factory in 1884. Christian, the son of Ernst Teichert, took over the porcelain factory after the death of his father on 7 October 1886 and re-equipped it in the same year for the production of domestic heating stoves. On the 27 July 1901 the company became Ernst Teichert GmbH, manufacturing earthenware coloured glazed tiles, ornamental, architectural ceramics and tableware. In 1905 the Markowsky'sche Ofenfabrik, together with a large landed property was purchased, in order to expand the business. By 1930, the Meißner Ofen- und Porzellanfabrik vormals Carl Teichert Meißen, Ernst Teichert GmbH and the Meißner Wandplattenwerke Saxonia GmbH had come together, to form Teichert-Werke Meißen who mainly manufactured colored glazed stove tiles. It is believed that the businesses did not reopen after W.W.II

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Base mark of featured stein #36
Better example of base mark on the base of #140, 
a 4 Litre Majolica stein.

Ornate majolica stein, #36, the design of which was originally executed in ivory. Examples can also be seen in bronze, silver, silver plate and porcelain.

Aktiengesellschaft Sächsische Ofen- und Schamottewaren Fabrik vormals Ernst Reichert Meißen 16-41-1
NOT Meissen, but Teichert dated between
December 1882 and December 1929.





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