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Franz Herb
Ligsalzstraße, Nymphenburgerstraße, Munich, Benzstraße 24, Puchheim, Bavaria
Malerei & Keramikwarenhandel. / Decorators & Ceramic's Wholesalers.
Founded by Franz Herb at Ligsalzstraße, Munich. In 1930, they moved to Nymphenburgerstraße, which was destroyed during WWII, requiring them to move back to Ligsalzstraße. Finally in 1972, they moved to Benzstraße 24, Puchheim. 
Known dates: 1920 to the current day.
Purchased steins from: Franz Stober
Reference: Franz Herb 

Franz Herb 16-4-1-3
Lid on Wick-Werke #7214,
The Christian Union of German Railway Workers (GED) founded 1908, renamed by Hitler 1933, re-established on 25th March, 1948. Therefore 25th March 1973 is the 25th Anniversary.

Franz Herb 3
Impressed "FS" mark for manufacturer
Franz Stober on the featured tankard.

Franz Herb 12-4-1-1
Older ink stamp in red.

Franz Herb 1 
Older inkstamp in blue

Franz Herb 16-4-1-1
Wick-Werke #7214, dated 1973.

Franz Herb 2

1992 HB Festzelt 1 Ltr. tankard, depicting "Bavaria"
Design is by Dieter Hanitzsch.

Franz Herb 12-4-11-1 
Base mark on Hacker-Pschorr brewery stein manufactured by Franz Stober.

Franz Herb 12-4-11-2
0.5 litre capacity mark on Hacker-Pschorr brewery stein, manufactured by Franz Stober.

F. Herb 16-5-2-1
1.0 litre capacity mark on
Augustiner Keller brewery stein.

Franz Herb 16-4-1-2
Mark on underside of lid on Wick-Werke #7214

Franz Herb 5

Basemarks on 1989 Hofbrauhaus Festzelt , 1 Ltr.tankard. Design is by Rupert Stockl.

Franz Herb 4
Basemarks on 1992 Hofbrauhaus Festzelt 1 Ltr. tankard, (shown left).   Design is by Dieter Hanitzsch

  Franz Herb 12-03-20-2
Combined capacity and identification marks on modern brewery stein.

Franz Herb 13-2-1-1
Combined capacity and identification marks on modern brewery stein.

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