Jiráskova 146, Holý?ov, Czech Republic
Hersteller & Malerei / Manufacturer & Decorator
Situated in the Czech Republic, midway between Prague and Nuremberg, this company was founded in 1993 by the Skala & Martinek families  They produce souvenir and commemorative steins which are supplied to breweries and shops all over the Czech Republic.
BM&MM 1  Basemark on featured stein  
BM&MM 2 Pewterer's touch mark on stein lid.
BM&MM 3BM & MM stein #CZA0237 "Budweiser Budvar" 
BM & MM 17-12-8-1Prague Hotel, Restaurant and Brewery stein Address: Hotel U Medvídků, Na Per?týně 7, 100 01 Praha 1, Czech RepublicReputedly this establishment, with their X-Beer33, brew the strongest beer in the world.

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