F. Eyring

F. Eyring
Neuegasse (now Neue Gasse) 44, Nuremberg, Bavaria
Glas- und Porzellanwarenhandlung / Glass and Porcelain wholesaler
Known dates: 1886 - 1904
Purchase steins from: Marzi & Remy
Reference: Nuremberg Address book 1886
F. Eyring 2Pewter lid with an unusual rib and the original owner's name inscribed along the top.
F. Eyring 11 litre hand-turned Marzi & Remy stein.
F. Eyring 5Front side of postcard dated 25th March 1904
F. Eyring 3Wholesaler's name cast in the underside of the lid fitted to the featured stein.
F. Eyring 4Back side of postcard dated 25th March 1904

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