L. Klingseisen

 Ludwig Klingseisen 

Humboldtstraße 38, Munich, Bavaria.

Zinngießerei / Pewterer

Known dates: Humboldtstraße 38 in 1900. Theresienstrasse 60/2 in 1920/. Closed 1925

In addition to his pewter works he was an ardent proponent of worker's rights. In the 1890's he organised rallies to gain support. His efforts contributed towards the establishment of the German metalworkers union, Deutschen Metallarbeiter-Verbands (DMV), in Bavaria. The labor union exists today as IG Metall.

Purchased steins from: 

Reference: Adreßbuch fur München

L. Klingseisen 2Pewter lid on featured brewery stein"Bergbrauerei, München Gmbh."
L. Klingseisen 11 litre stein, incised with "Bergbrauerei, München"
L. Klingseisen 3"R.Z." Rein Zinn = Pure Pewter"L. Klingseisen, München."on the underside of the pewter lid, shown left.

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