Gerhard Howe

Gerhard Howe (Inhaber Gerhard Phillipp Howe)

(K)Catharinenstraße 3, Bremen,  (Freie und Hansestadt Bremen / Free & Hanseatic City of Bremen)

African Merchant - Exporter and coal handler

Known dates: 1880 - 1910. By 1910 the company was run by Carl Gerhard Phillipp Howe.

Reference: Bremen Adressbuch

Gerhard Howe 2"Dorf Bombe" or Bombe village established in 1887, pictured circa 1900. Bombe was a European Christian mission station situated fifty miles north west of the capital city Douala.
Gerhard Howe 1 Cast "Gerhard Howe. Bremen" on the base of the featured goblet.
Gerhard Howe 5 Photograph of Dorf Bombe circa 1900.
Gerhard Howe 4 "Andenken an Kamerun",  "Souvenir of German Cameroon". Tableaux shows fully rigged steamships which were in vogue in the last twenty years of the 19th century.

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