Conrad Schaefer

(Johann) Conrad Schaefer 

Pilgrimstein 22 - 23, Marburg, Hesse

Tapetenfabrik / Wall Paper Manufacturer

Known dates: 1879 - Current day

Purchased steins from: Merkelbach & Wick

Reference: Marburger Tapetenfabrik  J.C Schaefer Adressbuch 1891

Conrad Schaefer 4Impressed "Conrad Schaefer, Marburg". Inked, "Gesetzlich gesch├╝tzt".
Conrad Schaefer 3 1/2 litre Merkelbach & Wick capacity mark.
Conrad Schaefer 1 Promotional stein featuring Marburg, Hesse. Manufactured by Merkelbach & Wick Lid inscribed 1873 - 4th December 1887.
Conrad Schaefer 2Lid insert showing the Marburg City Coat of Arms as established in 1895, which would indicate that the engraved date on the lid is not concurrent with the stein's manufacturing date. Stein is identified by its Merkelbach & Wick handle and capacity mark.

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