ALWE Geschwister Weisbender UG

 ALWE Geschwister Weisbender UG
Am Limes 6, 56204 Hillscheid, Rhineland Palatinate
Heating boiler Flues, ducting and chimneys / Heizkessel-Flues, Leitungen und Schornsteine
Founded in 1878 and still run today by the fourth 
generation, namely Simone and Michael Weisbender. They are sheet metal fabricators starting off with buckets, watering cans and followed by shelves for storage of ceramics in production, then in 1948, boiler flues and ducting. In 1974 they started production of Pewter articles, They have also listed pewter articles, since 1948, in their product range, but whilst they may have been designed in house, it is the author's supposition that the production is contracted out. From 2010 they concentrated on their core business of flues and chimneys. They are still in business today.
Reference: ALWE

ALWE 211/2 lire stein featuring German Eagles.Dated between 1974 - 2010.
ALWE 22Basemark on the featured stein.

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