SM B. Kuisl

B. Kuisl
Lauingen, in the Landkreis (County) of Dillingen an der Donau, Bavaria
Zinngiesserei / Pewterer
Known dates: 20th C.
Steins supplied by: Sachsenglas
Kuisl 2 Bräuerei Hoffmann in the municipality of Bachhhagel, who was the local brewery customer for a batch of, probably, more than 2000 glass steins.
Kuisl 3 The pewterer's cast mark, "B. Kuisl, Lauingen".
Kuisl 10.5 litre pressed glass stein by Sachsenglas (A.G.)(G.m.b.H), dated post 1897.
Kuisl 4The moulded base mark forSachsenglas (A.G.)(G.m.b.H), dated post 1897
Kuisl 5The serial number (1857) in the batch quantity of  0.5 litre glass steins made for Bräuerei Hoffmann.

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