Porzellanmanufaktur Aich

Porzellanmanufaktur Aich
Aich bei Carlsbad, Bohemia,  Austro-Hungarian Empire (Now Doubí bei Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic). 
Kunst-Töpferei / Art Pottery.
The porcelain factory was established in Aich near Karlsbad (now Doubi bei Karlovy Vary) by Johan Möhling in 1849. The factory produced mostly porcelain figurines. The company also  produced doll's heads, plus porcelain coins - surrogate money used during the various economic crises. At the beginning of the 1860's, the company was bought by A.C. Anger. In 1918 the next owners were Menzel & Co. That did not last long, because in 1923 the factory became a part of EPIAG group, but in 1933 it was finally closed.
Aich 21-8-3-3 Goblin like head and shoulders protruding from the lid insert.
Aich 21-8-3-1 Faint imprint "Aich" on base rim.
Aich 21-8-3-2 Goblin like head and shoulders protruding from the lid insert.

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