R. Bichweiler

Herman Robert Bichweiler
Hamburg, Germany
Producer, sculptor, designer
Known dates: 1878 ~1882

According to the website of the V&A museum: "Herman Robert Bichweiler, a designer and architect, established 'Die Kunstgewerbliche Werkstätt' in partnership with Dr. E. Berlieu in 1878 in Hamburg. Carl Paul Börner (1828-1905), an architect, was employed as one of the principal artists. They specialised in a form of maiolica using transparent glazes on deeply modelled forms. Within a few years the company was awarded prizes at Melbourne (1880) Frankfurt (1881) and Hamburg (1889) for its ceramics and also began manufacturing glass, metal and leather wares."

Reference: V&A museum

At least in some period of time they sold their products from a sales-room ("Verkaufslokal Kraas & Co") in Hamburg, Adolphsplatz 7.

R. Bichweiler Beer stein by R. Bichweiler
R. Bichweiler marking Marking on the base of the featured stein
R. Bichweiler marking Marking on the back of a decorative tile
R. Bichweiler marking Another marking. This one mentioning "Kunstgewerbliche Werkstätt"

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