C.S.L (name unknown)

C.S.L (name unknown)
Munich, Bavaria
K√ľnstler / Artist.
Known dates: 1919 to 1927.
Purchased steins from: Marzi & Remy
C.S.L. (name unknown)  Chimney Sweep's occupational stein.
C.S.L (name unknown) 13-7-17-10.5 litre Marzi & Remy souvenir stein, showing the Munich Child, the Frauenkirche and the city walls. Note the mis-spelling of M√ľnchen. The decorator's initials are bottom right of the cartouche.
C.S.L (name unknown)Commemorative stein 1914 - 1918 depicting someone's service in an Airship Battalion garrisoned in Bavaria. Stein body by Marzi & Remy. probably dated 1919.

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