J. Paul & Sohn

Julius Paul & Sohn

Bunzlau, Lower Silesia, Free State of Prussia. (now Boleslawiec, Poland.)

Kunst-Töpferei / Art Pottery.

Known dates: 1893 - 1945.

Reopened in 1950 as the Centre of Folk and Artistic Industry 'Cepelia', which is still believed to be trading today.

Reference: Bunzlau  Gronowitz  Wikipedia  Wikipedia 2
Julius Paul & Sohn 17-2--6-1 Munich Child souvenir stein,  with "Greetings from Munich" cast lid.
J. Paul 21-7-30-2Basemark on featured stein (right)It is unknown whether this is J. Paul "Senior", prior to having a son, or alternatively J. Paul "Junior" after father's death.
Julius Paul & Sohn 17-2--6-2 Basemark on featured stein (left).     ×      
J. Paul 21-7-30-1 Heavily relief moulded stein.

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