A. Bux
Stuttgart - Königsbau, Württemberg. (now Baden-Württemberg)
Künstler Malerei. / Artist Decorator.
Dates known: 1871 - 1935
Purchased stein bodies from: ?
A. Bux 2Top side of student stein lid on a Tübingen Hedgehog glass stein, dated Xmas 1902. The eagle thumbpull causing a shadow in this case.
A. Bux 3Artist's signature on underside of the lid on a Tübingen hedgehog glass stein lid insert, shown above, dated Xmas 1902.
A. Bux 12-4-18-1Top side of student stein lid on a Tübingen hedgehog glass stein, dated Xmas 1934.
A. Bux 12-4-18-2 Artist's signature on underside of the lid on a Tübingen hedgehog glass stein lid insert, shown above, dated Xmas 1934.
A. Bux 14-12-30-1 Student stein lid of the Akademische Verbindung Germania. Founded on 3/11/1871 as a Chemischer Verein (Chemical Society) not as a fraternity, but as a society for students and professors of chemistry in Stuttgart. The name A.V. Germania, as a fraternity, was used between 1919 to 1930, also 1950 to date.  References: A.V.Germania.1  A.V.Germania.2
A. Bux 14-12-30-3"Motor sei's Panier!" "Beharrlichkeit führt zum Ziel".Perseverance leads to the goal.
A. Bux 14-12-30-4 Artist's signature on underside of the lid on a glass stein lid insert, shown above, dated 47 Stiftungsfest 1931.

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