Emil Sahm

Emil Sahm
Bahnstraße 13, which was renamed Westerwaldstraße 13, & Brunnenstraße 12, Grenzhausen, Hesse-Nassau, Prussia. (now Höhr-Grenzhausen. Rhineland Palatinate).
Steinzeugfabrikant & Zinngießerei / Stoneware manufacturer & pewterer
It is known that steins were purchased from Reinhold Hanke, so probably stein bodies were brought in.
Now a major glassware manufacturer.
Known dates: 1900 to the current day.
Reference: Sahm  Westerwald Adressbuch

Emil Sahm 13-11-1-21/2 litre tankard "Gesundheit!"
Emil Sahm 14-2-24-1Basemark in black, on the tankard above.
Emil Sahm 2Red Ink stamp, dated 1929
Emil Sahm 13-11-1-1 Cast mark on the underside of the lid on a modern 0.5 litre "Pfungstädter" stein.
Emil Sahm 20-2-11-5 Modern sahm combined with the capacity mark.
Emil Sahm 20-2-11-4 Emil Sahm, Grenzhausen on hinge assembly.
Emil Sahm 07 Norddeutscher Lloyd Lines. Stein #1023. This scene represents one of the Barbarossa class of ten ships launched between 1896 - 1901. This handed-painting-over-transfer has been seen on other steins, superimposed with ship's names from later classes.   
Emil Sahm 08 Impressed mark on featured stein #1023.
Emil Sahm 12-2-1-1 Ink stamp mark on military service stein.
Emil Sahm 16-8-8-2 German military club, commemorative trip around the world, dated 1936.
Emil Sahm 16-8-8-1 Ink stamp base mark on stein immediately above. The Ink stamp is still Grenzhausen, despite being 1936.
Emil Sahm 20-2-11-3 Emil Sahm, Grenzhausen on hinge assembly.
Emil Sahm 15-6-20-2H.A.L. for the Holland America Line?
Emil Sahm 15-6-20-1Impressed mark on the base of the above stein.
Emil Sahm 5Ink stamp on base of a stein.
Emil Sahm 20-2-11-2Brewery stein  "Gösser Bier", based in Leoben, Styria, Austria.
Emil Sahm 20-2-11-1 Base ink stamp on the Gösser Bier stein. The stamp shows Höhr-Grenzhausen, which would suggest that this stein is dated from late 1936 through to 1939/40.
Emil Sahm 009 Modern Mark.

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